Upcoming Papers

Saturn Ice Ring Explorer (SIRE) – One of two planetary mission concepts I am working on for my M.Sc, to explore Saturn’s rings with a small spacecraft.

Titan Aerial Drone Science Payload – My other M.Sc thesis project, to design a science payload for a proposed aerial drone on Saturn’s moon Titan.

Peer-Reviewed Papers

HYPATIA – “Hydrolyzed Polar Terrain Ice Aerobat (HYPATIA) Mission Platform”, my design for a balloon mission on Mars’s north polar cap. Submitted to International Journal for Space Science and Engineering in November 2015 and accepted December 2015

Miscelleanous Technical Papers

Y-RMIT Mission Design – “York-RMIT Mars Inspiration Team Mission Design”, 2014. Our entry for the Inspiration Mars Student Design Competition, which placed in the semi-finals.

FinalReport_TeamTethersV9 – “NAFION Membrane Wetting in Microgravity”, 2011. Team Tethers’ final report on the results of our June 2011 microgravity flight from Ellington Field. The experiment was on the wetting of NAFION fuel-cell membranes in microgravity. The results, though imperfect, may be relevant to the future design of fuel cells in space.

Mars Oracle – “Mars Oracle Sample Return with Subsurface Drilling by CO2 and Water Vapor ISPP”, 2008. My entry for MarsDrive’s Sample Return Design contest. It did not win, but it taught me valuable lessons about space mission design. Due to my inexperience back in 2008, a lot of this is probably outdated and miscalculated.

Articles – My article in the Space Review about rocket hoppers on Mars, powered by atmospheric carbon dioxide. – My first article in the Space Review, about the need for private In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) development.

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