Humble Beginnings

Hello, and welcome to my little corner of the Internet. I’m a twenty-something undergrad at York University in Toronto, majoring in honours physics and astronomy. Before that, I studied mechanical engineering at Tacoma Community College in Washington State. Despite the change in major, I think of myself primarily as an engineering student. I am taking the more advanced physics courses in order to better myself as an engineer, and to make graduate school in aerospace engineering easier. At least, that’s what my department chief told me.

Despite the advanced language skills this major requires, I have never heard a word in my life. I have been deaf from birth. This has not prevented me from experiencing weightlessness on the Vomit Comet aircraft, from assisting a rover in the blistering desert, and from pursuing my dreams to become an astronaut.

Over the top? Hardly, from how I see it. It may look impossible, but the convergence of several technologies in the last few years has convinced me that it’s *somewhat* possible. In addition to many unseen engineers, I am doing my part to ensure that it becomes a reality.

This blog will not only chronicle my journey towards being an astronaut, it will also serve as a repository of my thoughts on the latest developments in the space industry, both governmental and private.



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